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Philadelphia Flyers Take on New Jersey Devils in Round Two of Playoffs

April 27th, 2012 at 5:08 PM
By Erin Smith

Yesterday night the New Jersey Devils beat the Florida Panthers in 2nd OT in game 7 of round one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Which means the Philadelphia Flyers will have home ice advantage as they take on the Devils in round two of the playoffs.

Expect to see a good match-up in this second round. The Devil's Martin Brodeur is a top-notch goalie and he showed last night that not only is he experienced but he has endurance. Last night's game went into double OT and Brodeur still blocked pucks like it was the first period and he was not a bit tired.

On the other hand the Flyers have Ilya Bryzgalov, who is also an outstanding goaltender. He was the heart of the team in the regular season, and was the deciding factor in getting the Flyers to the playoffs. But, he looked a little sloppy in round one of the playoffs. In order to beat the Devils, Bryzgalov has to be on top of his game – which he is more than capable of doing.

So basically round 2 game 1 will rely heavily on the goalies and the forwards ability to put pressure in the opponents zone. The Flyers need to be wary of this 6th seeded team – they are hot off the road of taking down the 3rd seeded Florida Panthers.

The fact that the Devils have not had much rest time will hopefully be an advantage to the Flyers. Hopefully the fact that the Flyers will be a little cold from ending their series so early, and the Devils will be hot (no pun intended) from just coming off of their series will not be an advantage to the Devils.   

Be sure to watch on Sunday April 29th at 3 EST as the Flyers take on the Devils. It is sure to be an exciting start to this series.

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